The Ó Ceallaigh (O’Kelly) Welcome
(Failte Ui Ceallaigh)

At Christmas time 1351, Clan Chief William Bui O’Ceallaig(O’Kelly) of Ui Maine, issued an invitation to the poets, writers and artists of Ireland to a great feast at Knockcroghery, Co Roscommon. The gathering was remembered for William’s hospitality and generosity. This was his poem of welcome to his guests:

“A blessed, long living, great, courteous welcome,
An affectionate, charitable, just, proper, true hearted welcome,
A welcome and twenty, and I add hundreds to them,
Like the surge of the stream is my welcome to you”.

This is considered a precursor of “Céad Míle Fáilte,” the now popular Irish welcome. As members of the O’Kelly, O’Sullivan, Mullins, Guinn, Boyle, Bergan and Barden clans, we welcome you and thank you for joining us in our celebration of Irish/Scottish/Manx/Gaelic/Celtic culture and music.

And remember, “Today’s Rain is tomorrow’s whisky.” (Old Scottish Saying)

What is a Mad Gael?

MAD GAEL: noun: \ mad \  geyl \ 

  1. a mighty, gale-force storm of Celtic music.
  2. shenanigator, ruckus-maker, Celtic music partaker.
  3. a wildly excited and merry outburst of music, song and dance.
  4. a Gaelic-speaking Celt of Ireland, Scotland or the Isle of Man.

“If there’s a Mad Gael coming, hold onto your hat and your little dog, Toto, too Dorothy Gale.”

About Mad Gael

Mad Gael Productions is a music promotion and event management company. We celebrate Gaelic music, culture & traditions through concerts, festivals, events, merchandise and travel to foster international communication, education and cooperation.

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